Three Peaks Brewery deliver to the Snug, Carnforth using the trainKeighley and Craven Breweries

There are nine operational breweries situated in the Keighley and Craven Branch. Click on the brewery link below for more detailed information on each one.

Over the past 30 years a few breweries have also come and gone.

Working Breweries

Beer Monkey

Beer Monkey Brew Co,
Enterprise Way, Airedale Business Park, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 2TZ
Tel: (01756) 701289. Email:

Regular Cask Beers: Blonde Rogue (ABV 3.8% A blonde beer packed with citrus aroma and taste); Bitter Revival (ABV 3.9% A more traditional style bitter); Evolution Pilsner (ABV 4%: A modern take on a Czech Premium Pilsner); Uncle Monk‘s IPA (ABV 4.5%).

Beer Monkey is located at the former Copper Dragon/Grey Hawk brewery premises just off the Southern end of Skipton bypass. Brewing takes place on a Bavarian specified 30-bbl plant, giving the flexibility to produce both cask and kegged products from its own borehole water supply.

August 2017

Bridgehouse Brewery

Bridgehouse Brewery Ltd.,
Unit 1, Aireworth Mills, Aireworth Road, Keighley W. Yorks., BD21 4DH
Tel: (01535) 601222. Email:

The current regular beer range is: Pale Bandit (3.6% - gluten free), Tequila Blonde (3.8%), Blonde (4%), Aired Ale (4.2%), Porter (4.5%) and Holy Cow (5.6%). Other ‘guest’ beers are brewed on a regular basis.

The Bridgehouse Brewery opened in Keighley in March 2010 and very soon moved up the Worth valley to Oxenhope. In May 2014, Bridgehouse and Old Bear merged and the brewery moved to the Old Bear site in Aireworth Road. A new brewhouse was then built behind the Airedale Heifer pub at Sandbeds, between Keighley and Bingley, and the brewing is now done there. Search out for the beers in the five pubs managed by the brewery: the Airedale Heifer in Sandbeds (between Keighley and Bingley), the Kings Arms in Haworth, the Railway in Cononley, the Great Northern in Ingrow, Keighley and The New Inn, (Eccup, Leeds). The beers also feature regularly at the Willow Tree in Riddlesden and the Red Lion, Silsden, as well as in many other local freehouses.

February 2018

Cobbydale Brewery

Cobbydale Brewery,
47 Kirkgate, SIlsden W. Yorks., BD20 0AQ
Tel: (01535) 930884.

A single beer, Cobby’d Ale is brewed in the brewhouse at the rear of the Red Lion pub in Silsden. At the moment, the beer is solely available at the pub.

September 2017

Copper Dragon Brewery

Founded originally by Steve Taylor in 2003 in Skipton, Copper Dragon relocated to Parkwood Street, Keighley in Autumn 2018. Brewing recommenced on 15th November 2018 following a period in which the beers had been contract brewed outside the Keighley and Craven branch area. The original core range is produced on a regular basis using the original Copper Dragon recipes: Golden Pippin (3.9%), Best Bitter (3.8%), Silver Myst (4.0%), Scotts 1816 (4.1%). Sidewinder (a US-hopped session pale ale at 4.2%) is also available regularly and Black Gold (dark mild, now 4.0%) has been recreated. Further specials will appear in 2019.

Current December 2018

Dark Horse

Dark Horse Brewery,
Coonlands Laithe, Hetton, Skipton BD23 6LY
Tel: 01756 730555. Email:

Formerly the Wharfedale brewery near Hetton, the business was bought in 2008 by Richard and Carole Eyton-Jones. Richard has extensive brewing pedigree which began at the original Goose Eye brewery based at Goose Eye, Keighley in the 1980s. The brewery has a 15-barrel plant, although normal brew-length is 10 barrels. Up to 3 brews are done each week.

Regular beers are:
Craven Bitter, a mid-brown bitter at 3.8%. This was the first beer to be produced; it appeared in Summer 2008 and was sold as Hetton Best Bitter at the time. Craven Bitter can be sampled at the Victoria, Kirkby Malham, the Nightingale, Eastburn and the Craven Arms, Appletreewick, as well as at other outlets.
Blonde Beauty A 3.9% golden ale, launched in late summer 2016.
Hetton Pale Ale (4.2%) is currently the main beer produced. It can be found in a number of pubs locally including the the Craven Arms, Appleteewick, the Angel, Hetton and the Grassington House Hotel, Grassington. It is also sold in bottled form.
Night Jar (4.3%) is a darker bitter which first appeared in summer 2015. This can be found at the Craven Arms, Appletreewick.

A one-off beer, King of the Dales (4.2%), was brewed for the Grand Départ of the Tour de France in July 2014 and a special beer, Festivale (4%) is produced annually for Grassington Festival in May/June. (Check the Dark Horse Brewery web-site for a list of current outlets.)

Current December 2015

Goose Eye

Goose Eye Brewery,
Unit S, Castlefield Industrial Estate, Crossflatts BD16 2AF
Tel: 01535 605807. Email:

Regular Beers: Springwell (a light 3.6 bitter, often sold in pubs as a house beer); Goose Eye Bitter (a traditional 3.9% ‘northern’ bitter); Blackmoor (a 4% dark mild); Chinook Blonde (a 4.2% blonde); Golden Goose (a 4.5% golden all); Over and Stout (a 5.2% stout); Pommies Revenge (a 5.2% strong bitter)

Monthly specials and occasional beers are also brewed. Regular outlets locally include: Friendly Inn, Stanbury; The New Inn, Appletreewick; Parkside Social Club, Haworth; bar 13, Settle.

Goose Eye Brewery moved from Ingrow to Crossflatts in July 2017. Although strictly speaking, they are no longer in our branch area, we will always regard them as “ours”!

Current August 2017


This brewery is currently brewing occasionally. Situated behind The Queens Arms in Litton, the Litton brewery produced a range of beers such as Litton Ale, Potts Beck, Leading Light, Gold Crest and Dark Star in the early 2000s. After a couple of changes of ownership and management at the pub, brewing ceased in 2012 but new owners resurrected it in 2017.A single beer is brewed, usually but not always available at the Queens Arms only.

Current May 2018


Naylors logoNaylor‘s Brewery Limited,
Midland Mills, Station Road, Cross Hills, Keighley BD20 7DT
Tel: (01535) 637451 Email:

Regular Beers: Aire Valley Bitter (AVB) (a 3.7% bitter) ; Brew 1919 (a paler 4% bitter); Velvet (a 3.9% dark mild; Pinnacle Blonde (4.3%, the only survivor or the original Pinnacle range that was produced from 2007 to about 2012); Black and Tan (a 4.4% chestnut coloured ale); Old Ale (a 5.9% old ale, much of which is bottled). In addition at least two specials are brewed each month. Most of the beers are bottled, although none are bottle-conditioned. In autumn 2016, Naylors experimented with canning a beer for the first time.

Robert and Steve Naylor (“the Brews Brothers”) started brewing next to the Old White Bear, Cross Hills, in February 2005. In November 2006 the expanding brewery moved to larger premises at Midland Mills, still in Crosshills village. In 2009, a beer-shop opened on the premises under the name of Naylors Beer Emporium and in 2013 the shop and brewery moved across the yard and was expanded further. In 2015 the bar was expanded to house an unstairs eatery, although this closed temporarily in spring 2016. The shop is open during normal brewery hours and the bar opens Friday 3 to 11 and Saturday 4.30 to 8.30. The diner is expected to re-open towards the end of November 2016, at which time the bar hours will be extended.

Once (or, in years with good harvests, twice) a year, an apple day is held. Members of the public bring their surplus apple crop to the brewery and these are turned into cider, with each contributor receiving a share of what is produced. The remainder of the cider is available from the brewery.

Current November 2016


Settle Brewing CompanySettle Brewing Company
Unit 8, The Sidings, Settle BD24 9RP
Tel: 01729 824936.

Beers: Blonde (3.6%); Jericho Blonde (3.6%); Mainline (3.8%); Ribblehead (3.8%); Attermire Session IPA (4.2%).   Settle also produce the following beers badged as Nine Standards : No. 4 Amber Ale (formerly Original Standard) (3.7%); No. 1 Golden Ale (formerly Gold Standard) (4.1%); No. 2. Pale Ale (formerly Silver Standard) (4.3%); No. 3. Porter (formerly Double Standard) (4.7%).

Settle Brewery is located in an industrial unit just south of Settle Railway station, having moved from a smaller unit even right next to the station in November 2016. Brewing started in January 2013 using a new 12-barrel Johnsons kit and the first beers went on sale in mid February. Brewer Ian Simkins originally brewed at Nine Standards, and transferred to Settle when production moved south. Regular outlets locally include the Talbot in Settle, the Turkey Inn at Goose Eye, Keighley and all three pubs in Giggleswick. Other outlets across Cumbria, the Yorkshire Dales, West Yorkshire and North Lancashire take the beers on a regular basis. Monthly specials are also produced, some in interesting styles e.g. Ernie‘s Milk Stout in November, Barghest Oatmeal Stout in March, Blood Orange IPA in early spring and Castleberg Cask Lager in the summer. Look out for one-off brews too e.g. the 5% 10 Hop, brewed in May 2016. Both Mainline and No 3. Porter won the gold award (i.e. they came top) in their categories in the 2017 SIBA North-east Beer Competitiion, held August 2017. No 4 Amber won the silver in its category at the National Competition in 2016, quite an achievement!

Current Februaryt 2018.

Three Peaks

Three Peaks Brewery logoThree Peaks Brewery.
7 Craven Terrace, Settle BD24 9DB
Tel: 01729 822939.

Beers: Pen-y-ghent bitter (3.8%); Ingleborough Gold (4%); Whernside Pale Ale (4.2%); Blea Moor Porter (4.5%).  

Founded in November 2006, the Three Peaks Brewery is run by husband and wife team Colin and Susan Ashwell. The brewery was initially located in the cellar of the Ashwell‘s home, and only a single beer, Pen-y-Ghent, was brewed on the 1¼ barrel plant. In June 2011 the second beer was launched, Ingleborough Gold, which uses a combination of First Gold, Brewers Gold and Golding hops. In 2012 the brewery moved to an industrial unit at the top of Buckhaw Brow on the old A65 (BD24 0DJ) and it now brews using a 5-barrel plant. In July 2013 Whernside Pale Ale appeared as the third beer - 4.2% ABV, it is brewed with New Zealand Jade hops. Other occasional brews have included: Andrew‘s Smoked Beer (ABV 3.9%) brewed using smoked malts source from Bamburg in Germany, brewed November 2013, March 2014 and again in November 2014. Boatmen‘s Stout was created in October 2016 to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal, the first cask being delivered to the Boat House in Skipton by narrow boat! This may become available permanently as Jericho Stout.

Regular outlets for Three Peaks include the the Golden Lion in Horton-in-Ribblesdale, the Barlic Tap in Barnoldswick, the Snug on Carnforth railway station and the Traddock in Austwick, near Settle. The beers are also frequently available at the Bowland Beer Hall in Clitheroe, the Rolls Royce Club in Barnoldswick.

Updated November 2016.

Timothy Taylor

Timothy Taylors Brewery

Timothy Taylor & Co. Ltd.,
Knowle Spring Brewery, Keighley, West Yorkshire BD21 1AW
Tel: 01535 603139;
Fax: 01535 691167

Regular Beers: Golden Best (ABV 3.5); Dark Mild (ABV 3.5); Best Bitter (ABV 4.0); Knowle Spring Blonde (ABV 4.2); Landlord (ABV 4.3); Ram Tam (ABV 4.3)

Seasonal beers: Poulter‘s Porter (ABV 4.8%); 1858 (ABV 5.3%); Cook Lane (ABV 5.8%)

Occasional brews: Spring 2002 saw the launch of a special cask ale to celebrate the 300th Anniversary Duke of Wellington‘s Regiment. Called “Havercake Ale”, the 4.7% beer was available in pubs in the area in which the regiment formerly recruited i.e. in the West Riding of Yorkshire between Sheffield and Settle. Havercake has been brewed occasionally since. The company celebrated its 150th year in 2008 with further brews of Havercake, and also a limited edition 5% brew “Celebration ale” - a rich, sweet, full bodied malty ale which impressed many. A one-off, “Le Champion”, was brewed to celebrate the visit to Yorkshire of the Tour de France in July 2014, and was repeated for the Tour of Yorkshire cycle race in May 2015 and in Spring 2016.

Current February 2018


Wishbone Brewery Limited,
2A Worth Bridge Industrial Estate, Chesham Street, Keighley BD21 4LG
Tel: 07867 419445

Regular beers: Blonde (3.6%); Bandit (a 3.8% golden ale); Rascal (a 4% pale ale); Whero (a 4.2% best bitter); Abyss (a 4.3% stout); Gumption (a 4.5% best bitter).

Wishbone Brewery is the brainchild of Adrian Chapman. Brewing commenced in early autumn 2015, initially brewing Blonde, Bandit and Gumption. Other beers have since been added to the regular beer list and Adrian continues to experiment with new recipes for beers of all styles. Some, especially the stronger ones, are brewed without using finings amd may have a slight natural haze. The beers have a high reputation and are available in several pubs in the local area. For further information, check out the brewery on social media Twitter or visit their web-site (link in section header). Friday evening and Saturday open days are held monthly at the brewery - check social media for dates.

Current November 2016

Bygone breweries

Barley Bottom Brewery

Based at the Barley Bottom Homebrew supplies shop in Silsden, the brewery, which opened in Spring 2012 and closed in October 2013, produced several beers including Cobbydale Bitter 4%, Cobbydale Blonde 4%, Cobbydale Gold 4%, Golden Cascade 4%, Clogg Dancer 4%.

Haworth Steam Brewing Company

This brewery is no longer brewing in the Keighley and Craven area, having relocated to Cleckheaton, where it is still in production. The beers were available in Gascoigne‘s Smoke House, Delicatessen and Café on Haworth Main Street.

Old Bear

Old Bear Brewery, Unit 1, Aireworth Mills, Aireworth Road Keighley, BD21 4DH

Old Bear beers are now being brewed by Bridgehouse Brewery. The Old Bear Brewery was established in 1993. A family business, it was located in a 19th-century textile mill on Aireworth Road, Keighley.   Former owner/head brewer, Ian Cowling, moved to Bridgehouse as brewery manager when Old Bear ceased trading at the end of April 2014, but has moved on since. The brewery name and beers live on as a Bridgehouse ‘trading style’. Various cask beers were produced on the 10-barrel plant, both regulars (e.g. Estivator - 3.8%, Black Mari‘a - 4.2%, HoneyPot - 4.4%, Goldilocks - 4.5%, Hibernator - 5%) and the occasional seasonal/special such as the renowned Duke of Brontë which claimed to be Yorkshire‘s strongest cask ale. Beers were also available in bottle-conditioned form using bottles from sister company Bottle Rescue, a community venture which offered learning disability placements in bottling and bottle recycling. See Bridgehouse Brewery above.

Oxenhope Moorland

Brewer Andy Gascoigne from the Oxenhope Moorland Brewery at the Waggon & Horses reckoned that, at 1405 feet above sea level, his brewery was the highest in Britain (any comments?). Regular beers were Oxenhope Best Bitter (3.6%), Moortop Gold (4.5%) and Old Tosser (5%), in Winter only. The brewery closed 16th September 2004, when Andy sold the pub and moved to Scotland. Andy now runs Haworth Steam Brewery - see above.


Ryedale Brewery, Hardings House, Hardings Lane, Cross Hills, North Yorkshire BD20 7AD.

Beers: Pale (3.8%); Gold (3.8%); Ryedale Angler (3.8%); Ryedale Rambler (3.8%); Bitter (4%). Stout (4.3%).

Tony and David Williams set up Rydale brewery just outside York in 2013. In Spring 2016 the brothers moved the brewery to Cross Hills, but brewing ceased and the premises were put up for sale in 2017.


Turkey Brewery, The Turkey Inn, Goose Eye, Oakworth, Keighley, West Yorkshire

This brewery has closed.The brewing plant was located at the rear of the Turkey Inn. The pub and brewery were sold in early 2008 and the brewing plant has since been sold on. The pub is still going strong and regularly features in CAMRA‘s Good Beer Guide!

Worth (Ceased brewing February 2000)

This brewery has closed.The details below have been left for historical purposes. The web-site link is to the Cricketers Arms, Keighley which trades as Worth Inns and is still run by the Mitchell family who ran the brewery.

Regular Beers were: Alesman Bitter (ABV 3.7), Worth Best Bitter (ABV 4.5)

Seasonal/Occasional Beers: Beckside Mild (ABV 3.6), Nearys Stout (ABV 4.0), Knobwilter Wheat Beer (Summer ABV 5.2), Old Toss (ABV 6.5); Ruggies Russet Nectar (Autumn - ABV 7.8); Santas Toss (Winter - ABV 8.0)

Pubs: Worth Brewery had two tied pubs, the Brewery Arms and the Cricketers Arms - both in Keighley. Sadly the Brewery Arms is now closed. The Cricketers Arms is still trading. Check out also Café Choux Choux on Keighley Railway Station and Rum Shackalack on North Parade in Bradford, the latest additions to the Worth Inns portfolio.

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