Planning 2020

Branch events are a good way of getting to pubs you wouldn‘t otherwise get to and for meeting other CAMRA members, so hope to see you at some of our events this year.

Our aim is for each month to include at least 2 social events and 1 meeting. The calendar shows dates we have outlined for events in 2020 (as at December 2019), click to download it as a pdf file.

The majorty of branch events take place within the Keighley & Craven area. Many tie in with campaigning activity such as surveying beer quality for the Good Beer Guide.

The next few paragraphs describe some of the types of events.

Evening Socials:

We intend to have an evening social on the third Tuesday of every month. This will normally use public transport, though on 21st January it will be a hired minibus to Appletreewick. Sometimes an evening could be playing pub games or, in the summer, a CAMRAmble (ramble between pubs) while many are simply a pub crawl to get to places we don‘t go to so often.

In even-numbered months from April to December we also hope to organise an evening minibus trip to go to a few pubs not easily visited using public transport. These trips will normally be on the fourth Tuesday of such months. This should be clear from the calendar.

Weekend Socials:

We intend to have a ‘daytime‘ branch social on a Saturday or Sunday every month, usually at the end of the month. These will generally alternate between a minibus trip (dates shown) and a public transport trip (dates to be added).

We hire a minibus to get to some of the more remote parts of our branch area, such as Ribblesdale (11th January), Malhamdale, Littondale and Upper Wharfedale. In the summer we will probably go further afield such as Lancashire or the Lake District. We tend to use public transport trips go to urban areas such as Keighley or smaller towns such as Grassington or Settle, as well as occasional train trips to places outside the branch area.

Special Events:

Special events, such as pub award presentations, visits to local beer festivals and possibly brewery trips, will be fitted in too. Dates for these events are chosen to suit the venue so may fall outside of the usual pattern.

Evening Meetings:

The first Tuesday evening of every month is a branch meeting, where we exchange information about pubs, clubs, and breweries in the area; discuss campaigning activities. These meetings usually last just over an hour then there is chance for informal chit-chat afterards.

In addition there are committee meetings to organise Skipton Beer Festival which is our main campaigning event of the year and branch committee meetings to discuss the details that we don‘t discuss at the monthly meetings.

These meetings are held in different pubs so we get around the area and support various licencees.

How It Works:

We may amend the calendar of social events if there is a clash with another event which people will want to go to, such as a beer festival. Evening minibus trips normally cost 5 or 6 per person and day trips 10 to 12 per person depending on the distance and the number of people going. Minibus trips may be postponed or cancelled if there are not enough people to share the cost. Members are welcome to bring guests to social events but if a minibus trip is very popular then branch members are given priority.

Once the date of an event has been confirmed it will be published and updated in the events page of this website. Printed lists of events are displayed in the Brown Cow and the Cricketers in Keighley, Gallagher‘s in Cross Hills, and the Beer Engine and the Boat House in Skipton.

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