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Branch chair Colleen presents the Pub of the Season Winter 2018/9 plaque to the staff at the Wuthering Heights, Stanbury, February 2019

Branch chair Colleen presents the Pub of the Season Winter 2018/9 plaque to Nicci and Darren at the Wuthering Heights, Stanbury, February 2019

Pub of the Season Autumn 2009: Brown Cow, Keighley

Colleen presents Barry and Carol with the Pub of the Season plaqueBarry and Carol Taylor at the Brown Cow in Keighley have scooped yet another award from Keighley and Craven CAMRA. After winning both an Improved Pub award and the best pint on our Mild trail award in their first year in charge, they went on to win their first Pub of the Season award in Winter 2005/6 and their second in Spring 2007. Branch Pub of the Year in 2008, the Brown Cow has achieved its third Pub of the Season, for Autumn 2009.

Situated just outside the town centre, in the 'V' made by the junction of West Lane and Oakworth Road, the Brown Cow is an end-of-terrace pub, owned by Timothy Taylor. It offers 4 Taylors beers: Golden Best, Best Bitter and Landlord plus Dark Mild in summer and Ram Tam in winter. Alongside are two regularly changing guest beers, usually but not always from Yorkshire and Lancashire breweries: Brown Cow, Bradfield, York and Phoenix are some recent examples. The main L-shaped split-level bar area is complemented by a separate back room which is available for meetings or, if the pub gets busy, as a separate seating area.

One of Barry and Carol's first innovations was a 'No bad language' policy, which gives the pub a pleasant, calm atmosphere compared to its nearby licensed neighbours. Staff and customers are always friendly and there is a host of reading material to keep you occupied if needs be.

The opening hours are Monday to Saturday 4-11 and Sunday 12 – 10.30. Quiz Night is the last Wednesday in the month - the task of setting the questions rotates so no two quizzes are the same - entry is free and snacks are available. Every Sunday is Super Saver Sunday, when one of the 6 cask beers is on offer at £1.78. Alternatively, during summer, try a traditional pint of 'mixed' (Bitter and Dark Mild).

The picture of the presentation on Tuesday 22nd September, shows mine hosts being presented with the award by CAMRA branch chair Colleen Holiday.

Richard Candeland

To celebrate the Brown Cow's achievement, Branch member 'The Wobbly Talker' has written a poem or is it a rap.....


Listen-up folks and I'll tell you the tale

Of a Keighley pub serving great real ale!

Twice before it's been Pub of the Season

And we have to say for very good reason.


Not only that - it's been Pub of the Year!

The reasons for that are abundantly clear.

Now it's our Pub of the Season again;

Seems that it must be all things to all men.*


Just off the bottom of the Oakworth Road;

Step into the bar and lighten your load!

If by chance you decide to tarry,

There'll be a warm welcome from Carol and Barry.


Dark Mild, Best Bitter, Landlord, Golden Best,

Or perhaps you'll try an interesting guest.

Some Belgian ales if you've got the bottle:

They'll soon have you speaking Flemish at full throttle!


Friendly locals may try to bend your ear,

But whatever you do - on no account swear!

Bad language or behaviour they will not brook;

You'll straightaway be told to go sling your hook!


There are loads of books and magazines to read;

Back numbers of Alesman, if you feel the need.

You may meet members of the CAMRA committee,

Who'll string me up when they read this ditty!


An L-shaped bar and a big back room;

Lovely clean loos smell like Britain-in-Bloom!

The one-armed bandit makes hardly any noise,

So the drinkers at the bar can maintain their poise!


It once was the town's first non-smoking pub;

Prince Charles would like to see it as the hub.

The name of this venue you'll have guessed by now -

It has to be Keighley's very own Brown Cow!


(* and women!)

The Wobbly Talker

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